Thursday, March 26, 2015

Malala Receives Tamgha-e-Shujatt (Medal for Bravery) 

Commissioner Abbas and Malala
Image from Pakistan's Business Recorder
Syed Ibne Abbas, High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, awarded Malala Yousafzai the prestigious Medal of Bravery on behalf of the President of Pakistan. The Commissioner commended Malala for being a symbol of hope and courage for her country.

Malala dedicated the civil award to the schoolchildren in Peshewar and schoolchildren accross Pakistan who are fighting for their education.

For more information click here.


Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Bravest Girls in the World

In 2014 Glamour magazine created The Girl Project. The Girl Project is is a philanthropic global initiative that raises money to help young women all around the world receive a secondary education. The goal is to help the fifty million girls around the globe who are denied the right to an education.The Girl Project addresses the barriers girls face in pursuing an education by creating a way for women in the United States to support the education of girls all around the world.
Our readers were energized by Malala’s bravery and wanted to know what they could do to help courageous girls like her. Educating girls is proven to grow communities and even cut out the roots of terrorism. The fact that a group of women in, say, Des Moines can send a girl to school in Pakistan is one of the most optimistic acts I can think of, and we’re proud to partner with these knowledgeable organizations to help make it possible.
--Cindi Leive, Glamour Editor-In-Chief
Girl Heroes
Image from:

The Girl Project highlights the stories of these brave girls, calling them Girl Heroes. To read their stories click here. To find out more about The Girl Project click here.

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

All Girls Deserve Free, Quality Education 

Malala met Amina in Nigeria this past summer and found out they have quite a bit in common. Both stood up for their education in countries where girls' education is under attack. Both girls are now advocates for girls' and children's education. And now both girls are demanding that world leaders vote for 12 years of free, quality education for all children in the world when they meet this September. In particular they are fighting for all women and girls to be educated. Far too many women are only educated through primary school. Malala and Amina know this is not enough
When we imagine the power of all our sisters standing together on the shoulders of a quality education — our joy knows no bounds.
 --Malala and Amina

Amina, Malala, and two women from the Centre for Girls' Education in Nigeria
Image from: 

For more information click here.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

International Women's Day Event on 3/7/2015

University of Wisconsin-Madison librarian Emilie Songolo and AFRICaide are hosting an International Women's Day event March 7th at Christ Presbyterian Church from 11:00-4:00 p.m.

The purpose of the even is to bring together women of all backgrounds to celebrate International Women's Day. The theme this year is "Make It Happen!" Many people, organizations and institutions have been engaged in improving the lives of women locally, nationally, and internationally. They work in areas such as economic development, community development, education, health, science and technology, politics and government, the arts, and women's empowerment. We would like to come together to celebrate their work, encourage others, and plan ways for improving the lives of women all over the world. We will also make items to donate to local communities.

You can find more information about the event here: Event Information

Watch and interview about the event below.

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

World Book Day is today March 5, 2015

J.K. Rowling, Malala, and Nelufar Hedayet at the Festival
In October, Malala spoke at the Edinburgh International Book Festival about the importance of books and education for all children. She was introduced by Harry Potter series author, J.K. Rowling. Below is what Rowling had this to say about Malala: "Malala is an inspiration to girls and women all over the world. It is a real honour for me to introduce her at the Edinburgh International Book Festival."
After being introduced by Rowling, Malala was interviewed by Nelufar Hedayet. Below are some of Malala's quotes about the importance of books and education:
My story is the story of thousands of children from around the world. I hope it inspires others to stand up for their rights.
If we want to see the next big change (of every child going to school) we need to become the change ourselves and bring the change.
More information about Malala and World Book Day can be found here.
Her interview can be found here.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Malala inspires girls to start #Girlwithabook campaign

Lena and Olivia meeting Malala
Olivia and Lena were college students when Malala was attacked by the Taliban. Olivia was in Jordan and Lena was in Michigan, but they used Facebook to share their frustrations and outrage over the attack. Malala's resilience and perseverance inspired the two girls from the United States to work together and begin the #girlwithabook social media campaign.

Project #girlwithabook. Apparently girls with books are scary to the Taliban. Let's get people to post pictures of themselves with books! A favorite book, a random book, a school book, you name it! Let's do this. --Olivia
The girls began by collection photos from family and friends, but it wasn't long before people from all over the world were sharing and sending photos holding books or signs that said "I stand with Malala." The girls have been supported by multiple organizations including the UN, Half the Sky movement, National Women's History Museum, and more. The women are using social media to raise awareness about girls' education.

To learn more about their work visit their site here

You can also visit their social media pages:

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Monday, February 2, 2015

 “Empowering Women and Girls around the Globe” Panel Discussion
Nikumbuke Project Library in rural Kenya

Learn how local access to information is critical to improving the lives of women and girls in South Africa, Kenya, Nicaragua, and rural China. How Libraries and Information Services are Empowering Women and Girls around the Globe is a free public event on Tuesday evening, February 10 from 6:00–7:30 p.m. in 460 Memorial Library, 728 State Street

Our four panelist-- Araceli Alonso, Lisa Ebert, Louise Robbins and Karla Strand -- will talk about their work in other countries. This event is part of the “Go Big Read” community reading program which this year features the book, I am Malala, the true story of the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner. Light refreshments will follow the panel discussion. This event is sponsored by the Friends of the UW – Madison Libraries, Office of the Gender & Women’s Studies Librarian, Department of Gender and Women’s Studies and the Go Big Read program.
Araceli Alonso is an Associate Faculty at UW-Madison in the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies and the School of Medicine and Public Health. Dr. Alonso is also the Founder and Director of Health by Motorbike (HbM), a nonprofit that provides medical services and health literacy to women and girls from remote and isolated villages in Africa. For her work with women's health and women's rights in rural Kenya, in 2013 Dr. Alonso received two of the world most prestigious awards—the United Nations Public Service Award and the Jefferson Award for Public Service.

Karla Strand directs the Office of the Gender & Women’s Studies Librarian for the University of Wisconsin System, the premier resource for the support of gender and women’s studies scholarship and librarianship. Prior to this, she was employed at Carroll University where she served as Diversity Librarian and Associate Director. Strand is currently completing her doctorate in Information Science via the University of Pretoria in South Africa where she is researching how public librarians in KwaZulu-Natal province can help alleviate information inequality in their communities.
Nikumbuke Library Patron

While completing her master’s degree in Community and Organizational Leadership, Lisa Ebert went to Nicaragua through the Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners program, part of the nationwide Partners in the America organization established by President Kennedy. Her Nicaraguan experience changed Ms. Ebert’s focus for her master’s program to women’s empowerment issues and more specifically to how the Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners organization helps to empower women who participate in their Learning Centers. She has returned to Nicaragua two additional times.

Louise S. Robbins is Professor and Director Emerita of the School of Library and Information Studies of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has also taught library courses at universities in China, Korea, Japan, and Kyrgyzstan. Since 2006, Robbins has been involved with the Evergreen Education Foundation, which provides various kinds of assistance to schools and public libraries in rural China.

The event sponsors and panelists also encourage you to read the remarkable story of Malala Yousafzai in this year's Go Big Read book, I Am Malala. When the Taliban took control of the Swat Valley in Pakistan, Malala refused to be silenced and fought for her right to an education. 

More information about the event can be found on the event calendar and at the Friends of the Library.

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