Monday, July 12, 2010

Tissue Donation

Mr. William Benedict has some interesting things to say about organ and tissue donation and its relationship to economics at a research institute in this month's Cap. Times. Here is one of his questions: Should human body parts or tissues be patented and then bought and sold to the highest bidder in the marketplace?Perhaps you would like to comment either on their blog, or on the Go Big Read blog.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

China: The Wild West of Scientific Research

A Washington Post article* from this past week discusses China as an emerging leader in scientific research and development. Just a decade ago, Chinese scientists were fleeing to the West because of an oppressive government. With lots of funding and more flexibility, they are now returning and advancements in scientific research have taken off in the past five years. John Pomfret, the writer, describes the growth like this: “Unburdened by social and legal constraints common in the West, China’s trailblazing scientists are also pushing the limits of ethics and principle as they create a new—and to many, worrisome—Wild West in the Far East.” The label is appropriate since many Chinese researchers are returning to their homeland because of the opportunity to study what they want. Lou Minmin, a neurobiologist, explains that “if I had stayed in America, the chances of making discover [about genes involved in ADD] would have been lower. Here, people are willing to take risks. They give you money, and essentially you can do whatever you want.”

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