Thursday, December 9, 2010

Don't Forget to Suggest Books for Next Year by January 6th!!

Planning is already underway for next year's Go Big Read, and nominations are now being accepted for the book selection. All genres may be nominated, from fiction and nonfiction to biography, science and science fiction.

Nominated books should do one or more of the following:

- promote enjoyment of reading by being readable, relevant and engaging;
- incorporate sufficient depth and scope to promote sustained discussion of different points of view;
- appeal to individuals from a variety of backgrounds; and
- have cross-disciplinary flexibility that can tie into a variety of campus activities and programming.

The nomination deadline is midnight on Thursday, Jan. 6. The review committee will sift and winnow through all the submissions to create a short list of book titles for the chancellor to consider.

To suggest a title and see the list so far, visit

Sarah McDaniel
Go Big Read

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