Monday, June 27, 2011

Proposed Immigration Law In Wisconsin

Last week, we considered an immigration-related controversy on Wisconsin campuses.

The immigration debate in Wisconsin continues with the formal proposal of a new bill. AB 173 would require Wisconsin law enforcement authorities to determine if arrested individuals are legal residents of the United States. If documentation of legal residency or citizenship cannot be provided, these individuals would be turned over to federal authorities.

This bill questions issues of worker and immigrant rights. Those in favor aim to consider interests such as the state tourism industry. The bill, which reflects a similar Arizona law, was formally introduced earlier this month, after first being proposed and delayed last year. Many lobbyists and Wisconsin individuals have quickly made their stances known, for or against this controversial issue.

A June 24 Capital Times article discusses the stances of many such groups against the bill, as well as the repercussions of the law in Arizona. A letter to the editor, published today, poses some pro-enforcement questions in response.

If you've read Enrique's Journey, how do you think this local issue relates to this year's Go Big Read selection? What's your personal stance?

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