Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Denver Stage Adaptation of Enrique's Journey

One theater company is taking the drama of Enrique's Journey to the stage. Su Teatro, Denver's Chicano theater company, presented the first-ever stage adaptation of Sonia Nazario's book last week.

This production was a new challenge for Su Teatro. Not only does it touch on controversial topics, it also presents a technical challenge. A 16 person cast played over 50 roles, and the issue of train travel is also difficult to present on stage.

Enrique's story is something that some members of the cast found easily relatable. The role of Enrique was played by 19-year-old Jose Guerrero, whose parents were illegal immigrants from Juarez who have since been naturalized. Su Teatro members hope that as a result of this production, awareness will be brought to the issues that Enrique and other immigrants face. One Su Teatro company member, Yolanda Ortega, stated that she hopes the play "will be something that brings us together and heals our community through understanding because it focuses not on the politics but on the reality of the struggle that it takes to actually come here."

Sonia Nazario, author of the original Enrique's Journey, was in Denver for the play. This week, however, she'll be returning to her birth place- Madison, Wisconsin. Join us for an author talk on October 27th at 7:00 pm at Union South!

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