Friday, October 14, 2011

High School/College Students Embark on Literary Journey at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

Nearly 200 college students, Middleton high school students and members of the Madison area community will gather together next week in their first-ever Socratic Seminar to discuss and analyze Enrique’s Journey at Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery. Although the event was initiated by three educators affiliated with the Greater Madison Writing Project, several other UW English 100 instructors and another Middleton teacher were intrigued enough by the idea to want their students to participate as well.

UW students will be responsible to co-lead as facilitators of small group discussions that will include students from both Middleton High School and Middleton Alternative Senior High. In addition to the facilitated discussions, the group will hear from UW-Madison School of Journalism professor Dr. Susan Robinson and the UW-Madison Chican@ and Latin@ Studies Associate Director Dr. Petra Guerra. They will discuss the book’s unique genre, literary journalism, and perceptions of immigration in the media.

For more information about this event, contact Lauren Gatti at or Susanne Treiber at

Susanne Treiber
Greater Madison Writing Project

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