Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Immigration in the News

Campaigns for the next presidential election are well underway, and federal immigration policy is starting to show up in headlines. A VOXXI (The Voice of the Hispanic 21st Century) article yesterday called Hispanics support Obama, but has he earned their vote? questioned whether the majority of the Hispanic community will vote for Obama a second time, primarily due to his lack of action on immigration-related issues.

Many believe that Obama has shown support of the Hispanic community through his term- several Hispanic men and women were appointed to cabinet and leadership positions, and according to the VOXXI article, "the White House cites a number of programs geared to offer specific economic, educational and healthcare support to the Hispanic community." However, the federal government has made few changes to American immigration policy, and we have yet to see substantial immigration reform, though Obama promises to make passage of the DREAM Act a priority if he is reelected. For more information, see Winning the Future: President Obama's Agenda and the Hispanic Community.

Do you think immigration policy will come in to play in the coming election? What course of action should the candidates take?

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