Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Draw Your Love Story" at Chadbourne and Ogg

The "Draw Your Love Story" banner at Ogg.
Earlier in the semester, residents of Ogg Hall and Chadbourne Residential Learning Community (CRC) were invited to participate in a unique project: to create pieces of visual art that depicted their individual passions.  The Go-Big-Read-inspired project offered students a chance to show off their own "love story," a part of themselves which they might not otherwise have shared, and explore the things that mattered to their fellow residents.  Students also had the opportunity to attend a small-group discussion with Lauren Redniss as part of Go Big Read and the "What Matters to Me and Why" lecture series.  Below, two students who helped CRC with the project share their views.

"The 'Draw Your Passions' event that CRC did was a great success! It was really exciting to see the wide variety of passions and interests our residents have and the diverse community that makes up CRC and all of our residence halls. It provided a great backdrop to the What Matters to Me and Why with Lauren Redniss, as she talked about all of the things that inspire her as a writer and artist. Both the CRC's Passions event and the What Matters to Me and Why series allow us to explore the unique experiences and interests we have that impact where we go in life." --Ashley Trewartha

"We were inspired to have students draw their passion in anticipation of Lauren Redniss’ visit to Chadbourne, because Radioactive explores the ways in which Marie Curie’s passions influenced her life and her work. Hers is a story that reminds us all that if we persevere in our passions, we will have a huge impact on our chosen field. Having residents draw their passions not only asked them to think about what had given them purpose thus far, but also what was motivating them to get to where they want to go." --Elise Swanson
Lauren Redniss was thrilled to see the displays when she came to campus, and was presented with a gift bag from Chadbourne.

Marie Curie puts in an appearance!

The display of artwork at Chadbourne.

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