Monday, October 22, 2012

Memorial Library Curie Exhibit

Pierre and Marie Curie with their bicycles.  Image source.

Next time you're in Memorial Library, don't just run past whoever's checking IDs and head straight for the elevators!  Stop for a minute and enjoy this fascinating exhibit on Marie and Pierre Curie.  It's right in the lobby, so you can easily check it out as you rush up to the stacks or to hunt out a study space.  Below is the official description from Robin Rider in Special Collections:
"In conjunction with this year’s Go Big Read selection, Radioactive by Lauren Redniss, an exhibit in the lobby of Memorial Library highlights both the scientific work of Marie and Pierre Curie and articles about them in publications aimed at the general public.
Marie and Pierre Curie — together, separately, or in collaboration with others — produced scores of scientific articles and longer works, some of which are on display. The dates stamped within the volumes of such publications show that the University of Wisconsin library received many of them quite quickly, sometimes within just a few weeks of their publication in Europe – this, at a time when such European publications reached Madison by a combination of ship and rail.
The exhibit also includes a sampling of mainly American publications from the 1920s and 1930s illustrating the place of Marie and Pierre Curie in the public eye (and the public imagination). All of the volumes on display are from the holdings of Memorial Library."

The image featured above comes from Marie Curie's book Pierre Curie. Avec une études des "Carnets de laboratoire." Paris: Denoël, 1955.  Full citation here.

Brooke Williams, Go Big Read grad student

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