Friday, February 15, 2013

Wednesday Nite @ the Lab

If you've gotten to see "Fallout" at Ebling Library--or even if you haven't!--here's your chance to find out how the exhibit was put together! Join Ebling Library for Wednesday Nite @ the Lab on Wednesday, February 20th from 7:00-8:15 in Room 1111, 425 Henry Mall.

Curator Micaela Sullivan-Fowler
“Fallout” is an examination of subjects such as the early use of x-rays in diagnosis & treatment, occupational hazards of working with radiation, the military use of x-rays, the history of tanning, a UW connection with Marie Curie, bomb shelters in the 1960’s, the bombing of Hiroshima & concerns with nuclear accidents like Three-Mile Island, UW’s Departments of Medical Physics & Radiology, shoe fitting fluoroscopes and the like.

Micaela Sullivan-Fowler has been the curator and history of health sciences librarian at Ebling Library for the past 14 years. She acts as the liaison to the Department of Medical History & Bioethics within the School of Medicine and Public Health. She works with graduate and undergraduate students, helping them navigate the print and electronic worlds when using primary material for their research papers. In designing exhibits, Micaela's primary goals are to highlight books in Ebling's collections, and to create thematic pathways between the subjects in the individual cases. While the current exhibit on the history of radioactivity, x-rays and radium has had glowing reviews, it was perhaps the most difficult to tell in such a limited space. The discovery of so many interesting stories is what Micaela loves to share...

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