Monday, May 20, 2013

Here comes the sun!

The weather is warm, the trees are green, the streets are full of frantic undergraduates trying to move futons out of their apartments and into U-Hauls, and this past weekend, thousands of students (excuse me—graduates!) crossed stages at the Kohl Center and all over campus. It feels like summer is finally here!

Summer at the Terrace, 1976. Courtesy of UW-Madison Digital Collections.
Summer means a lot of different things in Madison: evenings at the Terrace, Babcock ice cream on a hot afternoon, Bratfest, lounging in the grass on Bascom Hill, Wednesday evening concerts at the Capitol, early Saturday mornings browsing the farmers' market, a road trip to see a favorite band play Summerfest. It also means that now is a great time to catch up on all of the things nobody has time for during the academic year. Maybe you'll take a sailing class with Hoofers. Maybe you'll see Star Trek: Into Darkness five times. Maybe you'll take up yoga. Maybe, like me, you'll finally make an effort to watch past the first season of Downton Abbey (I know, I know!). 

But you know what you definitely should do? Check out this year's Go Big Read book, A Tale for the Time Being! Even Oprah agrees: O Magazine named the book one of "Four Books You Can Devour in One Long Weekend" (and what is summer if not basically one very long weekend?). So make the most of your summer and devour our 2013-14 Go Big Read pick. You won't regret it!

This is just one of the stellar reviews awarded to A Tale for the Time Being. You can find more reviews, as well as news about the program and interviews with the author, on our website. There are copies of the book in the campus library system as well as the Madison Public library system. Enjoy!

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