Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Go Big Read Films and Visual Resources

I would like to recommend some visual resources from our campus libraries that relate to this year's Go Big Read book, A Tale for the Time Being.

Documentary films about Kamikaze Pilots:
The Last Kamikaze: Testimonials from WWII Suicide Pilots
(streamed online; UW login needed)

Wings of Defeat (DVD)
(at MMC*: D792 J3 W56 2007)

Zen Buddhism:
Erleuchtung Garantiert (Enlightenment Guaranteed) (DVD)
(at MMC*: PN1997 E723 2000)
Two middle-aged German brothers travel to Japan in search of inner peace. But many obstacles await them. Will they find the key to enlightenment?

Zen (DVD)
(at MMC*: BQ9449 D657 Z46 2011)
This recent feature film, starring the famous kabuki actor Kankuro Nakamura VI, relates the biography of the Zen master Dogen, who figures prominently in Ozeki's book.

One Precept: Zen Buddhism in America
(streamed online; UW login needed)

Funeral Rites in Japan:
Departures (Okuribito) (DVD)
(at MMC*: PN1997.2 O387 2009)
Winner of the 2009 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, this film chronicles an ex-cellist's transition to a new life as a mortician in his hometown in the Tohoku region of Japan.

The MMC (Microforms Media Center) is located in Memorial Library, Room 443.

Ayako Yoshimura
Japanese Studies Collection Assistant

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